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I Hope the Sequel is Better

I end 2020 feeling vulnerable. I know too many people with COVID 19 and a few who have died because of it. I feel vulnerable because I’ve come within inches to a few hours of catching it myself. I have significant underlying health conditions that increase my risk of dying. But what this end of 2020 reminds me of is a cliffhanger ending to a really intense movie. I leave the theater of life asking myself hoping the 2021 sequel will be better. I know the Bible says “fear not” and that I haven’t been given a spirit of fear...but. And it’s that “but” that puts me in a theological tailspin. I know I shouldn’t doubt, but right now there is so much I have endured in 2020—the incredible and the macabre—that my doubt seems to be the only thing that is keeping me safe right now. Goodbye, 2020. To 2021 I say, “2020 set the bar real low for us; you got this!”

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