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Men's Mental Health Month: The Power of Religious Services in Fostering Connection and Purpose

June is Men’s Mental Health Month. I know, you probably didn’t know that because it’s been overshadowed by Pride Month. Men’s mental health was enacted in 1994, whereas Pride Month was officially enacted in 1999. But, I’ll just sip my tea and let the radicals and talking-heads argue it out.

Nevertheless, June is Men’s Mental Health Month and I’m noticing a disturbing trend. Now, I’m going to avoid all the conspiracy theories and just get to the point: Men are isolating themselves and it’s taking a big toll on their mental health. This needs to change! Women, you are amazing at creating communities, partnerships, and causes to support each other. It’s truly astounding, but men…come on! Get out from behind the tv and the video games and connect with other men in real life. Not over video chat, or in-game comms, but IN REAL LIFE.

How, you might ask? Well, it’s not in the bars and not necessarily on the ball field; rather, it’s in churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, or wherever one can meet like-minded men and possibly make a difference in the community.

Men need a dragon to slay and a maiden to save. Men need to build and create. Men need a purpose and it is the religious services that can offer men a sense of purpose while also giving them something positive to do. Attending religious services can be an important factor in maintaining men's mental health because it provides a sense of structure, solace, and accountability.

What are some benefits that religion imparts to men specifically? Faith-based activities give men access to teachings that offer guidance when making decisions or going through hard times. Also, moral values are often taught and implemented as part of tradition which helps provide purposeful direction when tackling issues encountered throughout life's journey. And lastly, faith-based activities offer men opportunities to make positive changes within themselves, too! Furthermore, many religions have various activities created specifically to promote better mental well-being through volunteer work, social activities, yoga practice, or prayer; these all serve as helpful outlets leading towards improved welfare both physically and psychologically!

I’m not for or against any specific religious practice except to say that anything which advocates violence, political partisanship, or male dominance should be a no-go! Those cults notwithstanding, a person’s choice of religious service is entirely up to them based upon personal convictions. It’s important to feel connected to those in service but not isolated and brainwashed with religious dogmas (rules). It is common to experience and experiment with various religious services across denominations and faith ideologies before finding a good fit. Finding the right service is much akin to playing the long game, but the results can be life-changing.

In conclusion, participating in religious services offers several advantages related closely to improving mental health among men. Specifically, it has powerful and positive outcomes related to refocusing emotions, building networks, and community involvement.

Men, if you’re reading this then know your family needs you, your community needs you, and you need to get out there and be that change our nation needs right now. You see, going to bars may support that bar but that doesn’t support your family or your community; going to the ball field may support your team but that doesn’t support your family or your community; and staying inside and isolating yourself supports no one, not even yourself.

If you’re a male and need to talk some things through, give me a call at 830-282-0730 or email me at I don’t counsel men, rather I consult with them. It’s a partnership where you are the expert of you, but I sure don’t mind riding shotgun with you as we strategize solutions together.

Now, go slay that damn dragon!

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