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Whew! It's Been A While! Time to Blog Again.

In September 2020 I decided to stop working "for the man" and become my own boss. I got so tired of working my ass off for unappreciative bosses who asked the impossible and paid less than my worth. I'm not cocky nor am I a narcissist, I just got sick and tired of making other people's dreams come true at the expense of my own. So I quit the rat race and went into business for myself. And I couldn't be happier with that decision.

Now, before you think this blog--the first one I've posted in two years--is going to tell how great life is being an independent business owner and give you 10 steps to become your own self-made person, I'm going to disappoint you. Owning your own business is hard work and there is a steep learning curve especially if you're a man. I know that sounds counterintuitive but women know how to network, create community, and forge nearly impenetrable alliances that cooperate and boost each other up. And I'm all for that! I just wish men would get their heads out of the sand and do the same thing. But, men just simply don't do that, and that's really, really too bad.

So before I get too far down that bunny hole, this blog is just me saying "Hi. It's been a while". It's time for me to blog again.

I've been up to a lot in the past couple of years. My business is doing very well, my marriage is great, my kids are awesome, and I'm doing ok, overall. I've also had a lot on my mind. Many times I think I should blog about this thought, but honestly, I wasn't sure blogging drove any new clients to my practice. I tried using social media to get my ideas out, and I saw quite an uptick in activity as compared to my blogging, but truthfully, I have a very serious dislike towards social media, so I stopped posting.

When I was a kid, I loved to write creative stories and became pretty good at it. I was not the best writer by far, but good enough to earn praise from others. But, writing is a perishable skill and I let mine perish when I had to start writing technical papers for the Air Force and college. But I never lost my passion to write. So, I think I'll return to my longest-running hobby, writing.

I still do photography and recently began learning pottery, so I think writing will complete the trifecta of hobbies I currently have. But I also love psychology and giving people tools and insights they didn't have before. So, my blogs will be about current topics and events and how psychology can be applied. Besides, I need to play fewer video games (and so should a lot of other men). So, I think I'll spend more time researching and writing on things that interest me, and maybe you, too.

My next post will discuss my decision to stop watching and reading the news, and so should you.

Brent in front of his computer typing in his home office
Typing out my latest thoughts

See you soon!

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