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Frequently Asked Questions

"Few things make me feel more anxious than not knowing what to expect."

Q.  Do you have a physical office, telehealth, or both?

A.  I don't have a physical office, so all of my clients are seen over Zoom. But all of my clients love the convenience of telehealth. You'll never again have to leave work to drive across town or cancel your appointment because you're unable to get away from work. Wherever you are in the state of Texas, you can meet your appointment time. I only use Zoom, which is a free video conferencing app for your mobile device or desktop/laptop. Please be sure to have Zoom downloaded or up to date before our session time.

Q.  What are your hours?

A.  My counseling hours are Monday through Thursday from 2 PM to 5 PM.

Q.  What kind of therapy do you do?

A.  It depends on the issue you want to explore. Without giving you all the technical jargon, I help people who have tried everything they know to stop excessively worrying and/or being really sad. It's possible to worry a lot without having clinical anxiety; it's also possible to be really sad for a while without being clinically depressed.  When you see me, we will figure it out together. If we find that you have some rather sticky "stinkin thinkin", I help you change your thinking to be more solution-focused, rather than problem-focused.  

Q.  Do you take insurance? If so, which ones?

A.  Yes, I take certain insurances. Please go to my Services page to find which ones I currently accept.  

Q.  Do you do a sliding fee scale?

A.  Yes. I have a limited number of slots for clients needing a sliding fee scale.

Q.  Can I be reimbursed through my insurance company for seeing you?

A.  It depends on your insurance company. I partner with a third-party billing company called Headway and if you choose to be reimbursed through your insurance company, you will need to reach out to Headway's customer support to help you. Also, be sure to contact your insurance company for further information.

Q.  Do you see children as clients?

A.  No. I only see adults, but I know of some GREAT child/adolescent therapists, just ask me.

Q.  How many sessions are typical?

A.  It depends on how serious the problem is. I'm mindful of how much therapy costs, so from the very first session, I like for my clients to tell me their goals for therapy. We then work to find solutions to the issues you bring to the session. When you feel you've met your goals, we're done. If I feel we still have some progress to make, I'll tell you, but you are in control of when you're done.  

Q.  I've never had counseling before. Is it like in the movies where I sit and tell you how I feel and you listen and take notes?

A.  I LOVE that question! No, I don't run a session as we've seen in Hollywood. I will ask you about feelings though, but I will not make it sappy or awkward. I've spent over a year in intense therapy myself; I know what it's like to be a client. At first, I hated opening up to my therapist and it took me over four sessions to feel comfortable with him. He understood and was incredibly patient with me. I will be incredibly patient with you, too. My motto is this: "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care". 

Q.  What happens after I make an appointment with you? What's next?

A.  If you're using insurance, you'll receive a series of emails from my third-party billing company, Headway, inviting you to complete their onboarding forms and set up a client profile on their web-based platform. After I see that you've completed Headway's forms, I then send you a welcome email followed by several intake and administrative forms. Those forms I send you are State mandated forms and they must be filled out, signed, and electronically returned to me before we can have our session, so don't procrastinate.  If you are private pay, you'll need to call me to schedule your appointment, but the onboarding process is the same.

Q.  How do I pay you?

A.  Unless we make other arrangements, you don't pay me; Headway takes care of all my billing and insurance claim needs. I will never ask you for your credit card information nor will you receive a bill from me as long as you use Headway. If you are a Private Pay client, I use a third-party app called IVY. I will NEVER ask for your credit or debit card information. 

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