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Frequently Asked Questions

"Few things make me feel more anxious than not knowing what to expect."

Q.  Do you have a physical office, or just see clients over Zoom?

A.  I don't have a physical office, yet, so most of my clients are seen over Zoom.  The fun exception to that, however, is every Saturday between 10 AM and 12 PM, I do individual sessions at a nearby park.  I call them "Walk-n-Talks" and the fee is the same as an individual session.  It's a great alternative to Zoom.

Q.  What are your hours?

A.  I am available Monday-Thursday from 9 AM to 12 PM and 6 PM to 8 PM and on Friday from 9 AM to 12 PM.  I also do Saturday "Walk-n-Talks" from 10 AM to 12 PM.

Q.  What kind of therapy do you do?

A.  It depends on the issue you want to explore.  Without giving you all the technical jargon, I help people who have tried everything they know to stop excessively worrying and/or being really sad.  It's possible to worry a lot without having clinical anxiety; it's also possible to be really sad for a while without being clinically depressed.  When you see me, we will figure it out together.  If we find that you have some rather sticky "stinkin thinkin", I help you change your thinking to be more solution-focused, rather than problem-focused.  

Q.  Do you take insurance?  If so, which ones?

A.  Yes, I take certain insurances.  Please go to my Services page to find which ones I currently accept.  

Q.  Do you do a sliding fee scale?

A.  Yes.  I have a limited number of slots for clients needing a sliding fee scale.

Q.  Can I be reimbursed through my insurance company for seeing you?

A.  It depends on your insurance company.  I can provide a "superbill" for you to provide your insurance company, but it will be up to them whether they will reimburse you or not.  Contact your insurance company for further information.

Q.  Do you see children as clients?

A.  Yes, but only for a limited number of sessions, after which I invite the parents to be a part of the counseling process.  I believe that in many situations, the child's behavior can be associated with what's happening within the overall family.  Also, tips and techniques that I teach the child tend to work best when the whole family is knowledgeable of those techniques and supports their child in using them.

Q.  How many sessions are typical?

A.  It depends on how serious the problem is.  I'm mindful of how much therapy costs, so from the very first session, I like for my clients to tell me their goals for therapy.  We then work to find solutions to the issues you bring to the session.  When you feel you've met your goal, we're done.  If I feel we still have some progress to make, I'll tell you, but you are in control of when you're done.  

Q.  I've never had counseling before.  Is it like in the movies where I sit and tell you how I feel and you listen and take notes?

A.  I LOVE that question!  No, I don't run a session as we see in Hollywood.  I will ask you about feelings though, but I will not make it sappy or awkward.  Look, I spent over a year in intense therapy myself; I know what it's like to be a client.  At first, I hated opening up to my therapist and it took me over four sessions to feel comfortable with him.  He understood and was incredibly patient with me.  I will be incredibly patient with you, too.  My motto is this: "Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care". 

Q.  What happens after I make an appointment with you?  What's next?

A.  You'll receive a series of emails from my automated system welcoming you, inviting you to fill out confidential forms, and an appointment reminder.  These emails will invite you to go to your Patient Portal.  There is no password required to access the Patient Portal.  Instead, you will enter your email address for access.  Check your email right away because the link will be sent to your email address and the link has a time limit to access the Patient Portal.  This security measure is built into the system, so make sure you use a good email address and check your email (and spam) often.  All appointment and payment-related aspects are done through the Patient Portal.

Q.  How do I pay you?

A.  In the Patient Portal there is a section for you to input your current credit card information.  Please make sure that the card information stays up to date.  At the end of the session, or at my earliest convenience, I charge your card.  The system is set up to send you invoices monthly.

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